Setting the standard for Service Dog Packs -- Specifically and Individually Trained to Assist Victims of Domestic Violence

Dr. J Herman, author of 'Trauma and recovery: The aftermath of violence from domestic abuse to political terror' (1997), contends that recovery from PTSD requires restoration of control and power for the traumatized person.

Handling a pack of dogs requires a level of structured leadership, which gives the Handler a feeling of regaining control of their life. Most people are in awe of a person who can effectively manage a pack of dogs, and this translates to confidence and a feeling of power. That feeling of regained power and control is magnified for the Handler when they are involved in the training of their own Service Pack.

The benefits of having a Service Pack include a level of freedom and independence, a sense of safety and security, and a renewed sense of control and power that has been lost for much too long.